8 Top Alternatives To Google Photos For Your Storage Needs

Google Photos is one of the go-to options for many users to save their media files on a cloud platform. Since 2015, it has been a great tool with great features, a simplified user interface, and other exceptional values. If you are one of the users, it is time to seek other alternatives. 

You can find alternatives in this post with multiple options. Moreover, it will give you a clear idea of getting the best alternative with additional features you have not experienced before.

There are a number of reasons why you might be looking for alternatives to Google Photos. Perhaps you’re concerned about privacy or don’t like how the app handles your photos. Whatever the reason, there are several great Google Photos alternatives out there.

Top 8 Google Photos Alternatives

Amazon Photos

amazon photos

If you want unlimited storage, you can choose Amazon Photos. This is truly a wonderful storage application for all its prime users. Because it offers unlimited free photo storage for a low cost. However, you can only store videos for free for up to 5 GB. You must pay extra charges if you wish to store more than 5 GB. 

Secondly, it offers this unlimited storage feature for five family members. Another important feature is the sharing option that allows you to share a photo or video using the standard and other supported applications. 

The only disadvantage of this application is for non-prime members, as they cannot enjoy such features for free. 

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography


Adobe Creative Cloud is of great value if you are a photographic professional. You can find more advanced tools compared to Google Photos. In addition. Some exclusive Adobe tools can be accessed using this application. It costs USD 9.99, and Lightroom offers the best cloud solutions. 

Using this application, one can take photos and videos and also edit the same. In addition. One can upload the edited files on a cloud platform. Further, this package has many features like Adobe Photoshop, allowing you to edit professionally. 

Apple iCloud

apple icloud

If you were an Apple user, you would have already been using the Apple iCloud platform. Like Google Photos, it offers free photo uploading storage of up to 5 GB. Further, multiple packages offer additional cheaper plans for expansion. For instance, 1 USD offers 50 GB storage, 3 USD offers 200 GB, and 2 TB storage can be obtained for 10 USD. 

There is an option called Apple Bundle, which offers all the above-mentioned storage for free of cost. 

Microsoft OneDrive

microsoft one drive

Businesses prefer OneDrive one-stop solution offered by Microsoft, as it offers Microsoft Office integration. It is also an amazing alternative to Google Photos as it allows users to upload up to 5GB of free memory storage. For 2 USD a month, one can get a memory storage expansion of up to 100 GB. It also offers 1 TB of memory storage for 7 USD per month. 

In addition, it helps in searching the pictures and tagging them in groups like Google Photos. Its compatible nature with the majority of the devices is an added advantage. 

Nord Locker


If you are looking for one of the safest ways to store photos on your device, Nord Locker is the one. The best thing is the end-to-end encryption offered for every photo or video uploaded on its cloud platform. The free version is available like Google Photos, and the users can upgrade to the pro version, which offers additional storage expansion. 

An account is created which can be logged in to access the files. The automatic backup option helps the users to retrieve the data if deleted by mistake. Further, you can share the folder or a specific file with your friends with encrypted access.  



It is a decent Google Photos alternative that offers 5 GB of memory storage as a part of its free plan. Dropbox Plus plan is available, which allows you to get a yearly upgrade plan for USD 119.88. By upgrading to this plan, one can get 2 TB storage easily. Dropbox Family plan is available for multiple users at USD 16.58 per month. 

Though the application is pricey, you can use it for increased safety and productivity. The disadvantage of this application is the minimal memory storage of 2 GB in its free version.



Many of us do not know that Flickr can offer photo storage plans. This application focuses on professional and amateur photographers with the best features. But it also offers great photo storage plans for everyday users. This is the best choice if you wish to save your best shots. 

Organizing under different categories like Google Photos and various pricing plans is also a great advantage. You need to pay USD 7 per month or USD 60 per year for unlimited storage. 

Other Google Alternatives

In addition to the above-mentioned alternatives, there are applications like Dubox and Deegoo. Dubox offers you 1 TB of free storage if you want unlimited free storage. This space is more spacious to save around 300,000 photos. 

Deegoo cloud storage offers you 100 GB of free storage space, and the clicked photo gets automatically stored in the cloud. A Pro version is available for 3 USD to store 10 TB and USD 10 to store 10 TB. 

To Sum Up

You can switch to any of the above options before June to get the best benefits compared to Google Photos. The best thing about these applications is the additional safety features and productivity. Many offer you additional features with their plan package that increases the overall experience.