9 Best Alternatives to Grammarly

For years, Grammarly has been an invaluable companion of our entire team. It has helped us refine our writing, and with its spelling correction capabilities, Grammarly has become synonymous with enhancing our blogs’ quality and clarity.

Whether it’s catching pesky typos, correcting grammar mistakes, or suggesting improvements to our style, Grammarly has consistently proven its worth as a trusted writing assistant.

But as we journey through the realm of blogging, it’s essential to remain open to new possibilities and alternatives. While Grammarly has undoubtedly been a game-changer, lately, we have noticed that its suggestions for our writing style have become repetitive. As writers, we strive to maintain a unique voice and engage our readers with fresh and captivating content.

That’s why we believe it’s the perfect time to explore other writing tools that can complement our creative process and help us craft compelling blog posts. Here is a summary of the best Grammarly alternatives we found during our research:

Why Choose a Grammarly Alternative?

While Grammarly offers a range of impressive features to enhance your writing, it might not be the ideal solution for everyone. Exploring Grammarly alternatives can offer distinct advantages depending on your specific needs and budget. Here are a few reasons why you might consider trying out an alternative:

More Cost-Effective Options

Although Grammarly has a free version, its premium plans can be relatively expensive compared to other writing assistance tools. If you’re looking for similar features at a more affordable price, it’s worth exploring alternatives that offer competitive pricing plans.

Advanced Sentence Rewriting

Grammarly provides useful suggestions for improving your writing, including limited sentence rewriting capabilities in its premium version. However, if you require comprehensive sentence rewriting or paraphrasing services, Grammarly might not be the optimal tool for your needs. In such cases, you can explore alternatives that specialize in rewriting content.

Multilingual Support

If you frequently write in languages other than English or need assistance with translation, Grammarly may not offer the necessary support. While it caters to multiple English dialects, you might want to consider alternatives that provide multilingual support to meet your specific language requirements.

Tailored Integrations

Grammarly integrates with various web and desktop applications, enhancing its usability. However, different writing assistance tools have their own unique set of integrations. If you find that other tools offer better integration options for the specific apps or platforms you use in your business or workflow, exploring alternatives can lead you to a more seamless integration experience.

Free and Affordable Options

Many Grammarly alternatives on the market provide free versions or offer affordable basic plans. By exploring these alternatives, you can try out different tools and find the one that aligns with your requirements and preferences without committing to a hefty subscription fee.

The Top 9 Alternatives to Grammarly

1. Hemingway App

Alternatives to Grammarly

The name of this application is derived from the famous English author Ernest Hemingway who was acknowledged for his precise and error-free writing. Hemingway App helps to make your writing concise and clear. It is mainly used to alter the sentence format and make them shorter and more apparent. Hemingway App is a fantastic tool for enhancing the readability of content because it makes the writing direct by mitigating extra words and over-complicated sentences.

Hemingway App is user-friendly. All you have to do is paste your work on this online editor. The application will highlight the content’s overly worded sentences, passive voice and hard-to-read fragments. These are the concerns that mostly decline the readability score of your content. The Hemingway app has a unique feature that lets you directly publish your error-free modified work on WordPress or Medium.

It is an online editor that works well on Windows and macOS desktops. The online application is free. The desktop app costs around $19.9. Make your writing easier to read and more accurate with the Hemingway App.

2. ProWritingAid

Alternatives to Grammarly

ProWritingAid is one of the most popular alternatives to Grammarly. Along with performing the primary function of checking for grammar and spelling mistakes, ProWritingAid helps to improve writing quality. It offers multiple style suggestions for writing and features a Plagiarism checker.

ProWritingAid features some exceptional writing reports that Grammarly does not provide. Some of these are Dialogue tag checks, synonym suggestions and alliteration analysis. The application has valuable browser extensions for Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari. However, it has rare extensions like Scrivener that most other apps like Grammarly do not.

ProWritingAid is offered in free and paid versions. This online tool will only check the first 500 words in the free version. The premium paid version has many other valuable features, including writing style suggestions. ProWritingAid drastically helps to improve the writing quality and raise the readability score of any content. The premium version costs $20 per month and $79 per year.

3. Readable

Alternatives to Grammarly

Readable is a popular grammar checker application that improves the readability of the content, as is evident from its name. This scientific grammar and writing style check app uses algorithms, namely Gunning Fog. Readable highlights prominent writing issues like overuse of the passive voice, clichés and stereotypes, spelling mistakes and transition word usage. Readable has a unique feature for helping you with the correct keyword density.

The app conducts readability tests on content pieces, assessing all the aspects of writing. Readable is much more than just a spell checker. It even has a URL checker that will produce results telling you which URLs the content has cored. This tool is handy if you are working on website or blog optimisation.

Readable has integrations with Slack and Dropbox. When working with Readable, you can analyse multiple English dialects. There is no free version of this application. The paid premium version costs $8 per month and $48 per year. In addition, there is an agency version of the tool that costs less.

4. Ginger

Alternatives to Grammarly

Ginger has always been considered one of the closest alternatives to Grammarly. Ginger’s functions are similar to Grammarly, for example, introducing transition words, condensing long paragraphs, and rephrasing words. Apart from being a great spell checker, Ginger helps modify writing style to make the content well suited for publishing on the web.

The paid version of this tool has distinguished translating features that allow users to translate their writing into over 40 languages. Ginger helps look up the dictionary while editing to learn more about the meanings and synonyms. The tool is also available as a functional mobile application. Ginger is one of the most used spell checkers because of its easy-to-use interface and plethora of features.

The online free version is accessible only for the first 600 words of any document, and the free version will provide only a primary grammar check facility with some generic rewriting suggestions. To explore the software at its best, opt for the premium version that costs $ 13.39 per month and $89.88 per year.

5. Word Tune

Alternatives to Grammarly

Word Tune is unbeatable when talking about making your writing the best piece for your audience. It is one of the most comprehensive tools for grammar and spells checks. It will improve all aspects of your essay by leaps and bounds. The realms of Word Tune are far more extended than just an ordinary spell checker or proofreading application. Word Tune revamps the entire content with plenty of suggestions for rewriting and rephrasing.

It is a rigorous grammar check application. The rewriting feature, however, is more beneficial. Most editing apps suggest only one rewriting option, whereas Word Tune offers multiple rewrite options and allows the user to select the best fit. In addition, it highlights phrases that can be replaced with more suitable synonyms.

The tools have a free version where most advanced features are lacking. The paid version offers access to numerous valuable features and costs $24.99 per month and $119.88 per year. The price may seem higher than other contemporaries, but the service is worth it.

6. White Smoke

Alternatives to Grammarly

White Smoke is an all-in-one tool to enhance your writing. It offers grammar checks, style checks, plagiarism checks and translation tools. As you start using this tool, you may feel that some features are not as competent as Grammarly. But it provides certain advantages over Grammarly. For example, the browser extensions to Firefox, Safari, and Opera. White Smoke also has language translation features that are absent in Grammarly.

It is available as a desktop app for both Windows and Mac. The premium business plans are integrated with Gmail and Microsoft Word for ease of use. It also offers some email and document templates. The style checker is beneficial, especially for creative writing.

White Smoke does not have a free version. The premium version costs $59.95 annually, less expensive than the Grammarly paid version. In addition, there are specific business packages for corporate use, and the starting plan is $137.95 per year.

7. Linguix

Alternatives to Grammarly

Linguix is an AI writing assistant that acts as an excellent grammar checker. Linguix is one of the most popular punctuations and grammar checkers that makes your writing accurate and concise. It offers alerts and recommendations to improve your writing. Simply copy your writing and paste it into this tool. You shall receive many spelling corrections and alternative word suggestions. It also helps to mitigate complex sentences and poor phrases that might affect your writing’s readability score.

The real-time grammar and spell checks are helpful. It gives excellent writing style advice with a great take on punctuation errors. It is integrated with Gmail, LinkedIn, Service Now and Outlook. The two advanced features are performance statistics and context-related recommendations.

The cost of the premium package is $8 per month. If you opt for the team package, where multiple devices can share one Linguix account, the price rises to $10 per month. Linguix also offers a free plan that is open to all.

8. Slick Write

Alternatives to Grammarly

This tool is incredibly popular because it offers some valuable features for free that you have to pay for while using most other tools. The tool is customisable and can apply filters for the type of writing you want. For example, you can choose whether you genuinely wish to have a passive voice in your writing. Slick Write checks for excessive adverb use and helps to deal with over-complex sentences. Slick Write offers excellent reports and writing analysis that paves the way for more remarkable improvement in writing.

The key features of Slick Write are: checking key statistics for writing, average sentence length estimation, reading time prediction and other vitals for writing. You can scrutinise the reports to check whether the vocabulary and sentence flow are up to the mark. Slick Write will also associate with Wikipedia and Google to help you find facts easily.

This excellent customisable grammar and style checker tool is entirely free. All the features can be accessed free of cost.

9. PaperRater

Alternatives to Grammarly

This tool will not let you down if you are a student working on your thesis. PaperRater has been exclusively crafted for academic purposes. It best analyses personal essays or student pares for college and university applications.

PaperRater can be used as a modest grammar and plagiarism checker. However, its full potential is unleashed when you use numerous advanced features. The high-end plagiarism checker of this application is fantastic. An integrated grade checker in the tool lets you know how good your writing is. It is ideal for scholars because the tool helps to identify and help with scholarly vocabulary in the article. You can upload the content into MS Word, .txt and .rtf from the application.

The tool has a free version where most advanced features are inaccessible. The premium version costs $14.95 per month. Unique features include essay scoring and scholarly vocabulary check.


The best way to find a Grammarly alternative that works for you is to try one yourself.

  1. Hemingway App: Best for improving content readability and eliminating wordiness.
  2. ProWritingAid: Ideal for comprehensive writing improvement, including style, grammar, and plagiarism checks.
  3. Readable: Great for enhancing content readability and optimizing websites.
  4. Ginger: Offers a wide range of features, including rephrasing, translation, and dictionary look-up.
  5. Word Tune: Unbeatable for rewriting and rephrasing to make your writing resonate with your audience.

These alternatives provide unique features and pricing plans to suit different writing needs and budgets. Whether you’re a student, blogger, or professional writer, these tools can help elevate the quality of your writing and assist you in achieving your desired writing style and goals.