Adobe Illustrator vs. Designbold: Explained

Are you wondering which online graphic design software is better, Adobe Illustrator or DesignBold?

Well, this blog will help you clear the air and consequently choose one over the other. Here, we compare the two software programs because of their core as well as additional features. Supported design formats, graphic rendering, integrations, and added effects are some factors of the differentiation. Additionally, you would also get a detailed insight into the pricing plans of both the software. 

Further, the latter part of the blog assists you in picking the best alternative while assessing your requirements. Now, have a quick glance at the following comparison table to weigh them against each other. 

Adobe Illustrator Vs DesignBold: A Comparison

SoftwareAdobe Illustrator 2019DesignBold
Pricing (Billed Yearly)$22.10$9.99
Free PlanNo (Only Trial)Yes
Custom PackageNoYes
File PackagingYesNo
Path SimplificationYesNo
Storage100 GBUnlimited
Phone SupportYesNo
IntegrationsAdobe CC + Webdam + Adobe Stock etc Google + Social Media
Available DevicesWindows | Windows Mobile | Web-based | Mac | Linux | iPadWindows | Web-based | Mac  
Suitable ForAll Businesses | Students | FreelancersSMEs | SMBs | Startups | Students

What is Adobe Illustrator?

Under Adobe products for graphic design, Adobe Illustrator is a superlative vector-based graphics software. Social media templates, logos, icons, book illustrations, mobile graphics, and Adobe Illustrator 2019 lets you design everything. You can also create attractive product packages with exceptional ease. Furthermore, you can access multiple tutorials on drawings, manipulations, beginner projects, etc. This enables you to get the knack of basics as well as refine your skills. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, there’s always scope to get better!

What is DesignBold?

DesignBold is an affordable online graphic design software offering unlimited features for seamlessly enhancing your designs. It lets you build gorgeous designs like posters, flyers, presentations, social media templates, etc. in no time. Plus, with DesignBold Academy, you can get an insight into graphic design trends as well as learn marketing. Further, this software also lets you work on resumes and business cards, thus scaling your profession to another level!

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When to choose Adobe Illustrator?

Whether you’re a student/freelancer, own an SME or a large business, Adobe Illustrator caters to all your needs. If you wish to work with other Adobe products like Photoshop, Capture, etc, choosing this software will add a cherry to your cake as it provides limitless integrations. Moreover, you can also work with digital asset management apps and content creation platforms like Ceros, Webdam, MediaValet, etc. 

Adobe Illustrator also supports multiple languages including Dutch, Swedish, Polish, and Turkish. Overall, you can pick this application to access advanced features like CSS Extractor Tool, Perspective Drawing Enhancement, Live Shapes Capability, and many more. 

When to choose DesignBold?

DesignBold is particularly useful for freelancers and small businesses. We recommend picking this graphic design software if you have a restricted budget. Plus, if you are looking to free yourself from storage limitations, this software will come in handy. Its distinctive features include Magic Resize, Drag & Drop Tool, and collaboration tools. Further, in case you have lower needs, there is a free plan with limited features that you can opt for. Moreover, you can choose to pay monthly or annually, as well as, use on-demand coins to use DesignBold stock as and when you require.

Features of both Adobe Illustrator and DesignBold

Adobe Illustrator Features

  • Sophisticated Logos – Use the stock of templates to design a logo/icon exactly as you’ve imagined it. Plus, play with fonts, objects, and colors to create a logo as fun or as professional as you want!
  • Superlative Typography – Adobe Illustrator 2019 lets you manage styles, create effects, and edit individual characters. Hence, you can use custom fonts to personalize each project, thus designing messages that make a difference.
  • Auto Spell-Check – This feature double-checks to make sure that no spelling errors creep into your artwork. 
  • Hand Lettering –  From tattoo design to branding, the adjustable brushes in Illustrator help you create all kinds of hand-drawn lettering. You can also use rulers and grids to bring uniformity to your work.
  • Real-Time Rendering – Along with storing your effects in the cloud, you can render the graphics, styles, and text at an incredible speed. Further, you can export files in no time.
  • Integrations – Scale up your art with other Adobe products like Photoshop, InDesign, etc. Additionally, you can integrate with Webdam, MediaValet, Adobe Stock, and many more.
  • Duplicate Artboards – Use cut, copy, and paste to create several copies of artboards. Thus, enhance your documents without starting from scratch.
  • Path Simplification – You can reshape path segments and simplify them by reducing the number of anchor points.

Features of DesignBold

  • Drag & Drop Tool – This feature along with keyboard shortcuts substantially simplifies your work. Moreover, it speeds up your creations, thus reducing your manual efforts.
  • Multiple Document Formats – Get access to over 50 document formats along with millions of images, fonts, and layout collections.
  • Photo-Editing Tools – Transform your photos into stunning pieces of art, using this feature. Use preset filters or advanced image-editing tools to add another dimension to your designs. 
  • High-Resolution Download – Conveniently download all your designs in JPEG, PNG, or PDF. Alternatively, use a higher definition for large prints. 
  • Easy Access – Directly save all your designs to Dropbox and access them anytime and anywhere you want. Further, the responsiveness of the app fetches your designs on any device.
  • Collaboration – Create unique links to DesignBold and allow people to work with you without any hustle. Therefore, save time and make teamwork effortless.
  • Templates – This online graphic design software offers unlimited templates for postcards, magazines, etc to ease your efforts. Furthermore, you can access the formats in any size you want to suit your branding.
  • Unlimited Uploads – You can upload custom images, backgrounds, or fonts to unleash the creativity in your artwork.

Pricing of both Adobe Illustrator and DesignBold

Pricing of Adobe Illustrator 

The pricing plans of Adobe Illustrator 2019 depend on whether you’re an individual or a business. However, if you’re a student/teacher, the app gives you a 60% concession on its most popular plan. Overall, the plans (exclusive of GST) are-

  • Monthly Plan – Spend $28.18/month and get access to all the latest features.
  • Annual Plan – Go for this plan and enjoy the newly released features at $18.78/month.
  • Prepaid Annual Plan – Get rid of the repetitive expense by paying $214.68 for the entire year.

Pricing of DesignBold

DesignBold offers two pricing plans based on the features they include- 

  • Free – Sign up for free and get access to layouts, stock photos, vector graphics, and a lot more. However, this plan offers only 2GB personal storage and restricts you on premium features.
  • Pro – Spend $9.99/month and enjoy all the features of the software, including unlimited storage, premium layouts, magic resize, and many more. Besides, if you choose the annual plan, it will cost you $7.99/month, saving 20% expense.

Adobe Illustrator Vs DesignBold – Which one is better? 

While Adobe Illustrator is suitable for all businesses, it is relatively expensive. On the other hand, DesignBold is cheaper and offers multiple pricing models, but is not befitting for large businesses. 

Illustrator is famous for its beautiful typography whereas DesignBold is known for providing gorgeous templates. At the same time, the former does not provide tools for team designs while the latter does not enhance anchor points to simplify/reshape paths. Altogether, both the applications substantially step up your game in unique ways.

Now, if you need any further assistance in choosing the best graphic design software, leave a comment.