Best Project Management Software for Small Business

Managing projects with efficiency are the most challenging part of the company. In big companies, it is comparatively easy as they have unlimited resources, but in small companies, it is quite hard. For small companies, productivity should be very high to have stable growth. In this article, we are going to discuss the best project management software for small companies.

Best Project Management Softwares

There are hundreds of project management software in the market, but here we have listed some of the best project management software for small teams. So, without wasting much time, let’s jump directly to the list:

1. Airtable

Imagine clean data management software like spreadsheets with much more advanced features. It is a spreadsheet-style database management software. In this, you can manage projects in bases and can also select them from many premade templates. Each box has a specific address in which you can add long text, files, and even images. With the basic features of the spreadsheet, Airtable offers many exciting features. One of the most amazing parts of this software is that you can switch between views like spreadsheets, kanban, and even calendar style. Airtable is one of the most efficient project management software in which you can feed very detailed information about the projects and can still scan the info very quickly.

Price model-  Free up to 1200 records per month, Plus for $10, Pro for $20, and an enterprise plan.

Free trial – Basic model is for free up to 1200 records per base and 2 GB attachment space.

Cost- $120 yearly for plus, and  $240 annually for pro plan

Compatible OS- Windows, macOS, and Android

Recommended for- Small business and big companies

Best used for- Spreadsheet style databases with more advanced features


  • Useful project management software with a spreadsheet-style database.
  • You can toggle between different views liken spreadsheets, kanban, etc.

Potential downside

  • Not affordable price model


2. Asana

Asana is a handy and accessible project management software. With a very intuitive interface, it has very many tools to manage multiple projects at the same time. It has a basic list view, and you can also toggle between different views. Kanban card view can easily be converted into a Gantt card view to scan useful details. Asana is also known for its flexibility; moreover, it follows a hierarchy model to divide tasks and subtasks. It has various premade project templates to manage the projects on a clean interface.

Price model-  $9.99/ user/month for premium plan billed annually

Free trial – The basic plan for 15 members is free.

Cost- $120 yearly for a premium plan

Compatible OS- Windows, macOS, and Android

Recommended for- Businesses and project management companies

Best used for- Multiple project management


  • Multiple project management
  • Flexible software
  • Simple interface

Potential downside

  • Not affordable price model

Website- Asana

3. Trello

It is one of the most accessible Management software out there. Trello is available for all the latest platforms like Android, Mac, and Windows. Moreover, there are separate boards for all your different clients. This feature will help in managing the work more efficiently. Also, you can mark essential tasks with various labels. These labels show the urgency of the job and help us to deliver on time.
Additionally, Trello can link to Google calendar to help you not miss any critical notice. You can choose an artistic background as part of the Trello board. You can easily add your teammates to your board by shooting them an email.

Price model-  $12.50/ user/month billed annually with 250 MB attachments.

Free trial – Free up to 10 MB attachments.

Cost- $150 yearly

Compatible OS- Windows, macOS, and Android

Recommended for- Businesses that handle multiple projects

Best used for-  Workflow of the project


  • Multiple workflows
  • customized process

Potential downside

  • Not so many advanced features



AND CO is a different tool than others on this list. This one is specifically for freelancers. Moreover, this tool takes care of all the payments and contracts for you. There are several options to manage these contracts for your client. The platform allows you to link your bank accounts and billing software. Additionally, this will enable you to simplify the part of the payment of your freelance journey.
Furthermore, the tool has a very classy User interface. This UI makes the whole experience a lot better. The automatic Tracker helps you to track hourly rates and do the maths for you.

Price model-  $24/ month for unlimited user

Free trial – Free up to 1 user.

Cost- $284 Yearly

Compatible OS- Windows, macOS, and Android

Recommended for- Freelancers and businesses

Best used for- Payment and contract tracking


  • Best suitable for freelancers
  • Straightforward User Interface
  • You can track payments and contracts.

Potential downside

  • Not for big firms

Website- AND CO

5. Wrike

This will help you track the performance of your employees easily. The Workload features will allow you to manage the workflow for your team members. Moreover, this allows individual charts and graphs to analyze the growth of your team. One can make sure the tasks are appropriately assigned to each team member. Wrike is free up to 5 members, and one can also purchase the premium version for more options.
The UI is similar to Asana in a hierarchical manner. Additionally, distributive workflows allow changes easier. The separate folders help provide a clean look to your management software, Wrike offers unique tracks and performance metrics for your tasks.

Price model-  $9.80/user/month

Free trial – Free up to 5 members.

Cost- Almost $100 yearly

Compatible OS- Windows, macOS, and Android

Recommended for- HR management companies

Best used for- TRack the performance of the employees.


  • The user interface is straightforward
  • Different charts to analyze growth
  • Effective workflow management

Potential downside

  • Not very affordable


6. Pipefy

Pipefy is one of the best platforms for Frontline workers, like HR managers and Marketing employees. Additionally, Pipefy gives us a fantastic responsive UI for task management systems. There are also several options to make managing simpler. You can add your stakeholders to your team and easily manage SLAs. Moreover, they don’t need to have a Pipefy account to automate the work,
Furthermore, The platform allows us to automate almost everything. The mails, tasks and the extended workflow helps you to analyze your team smoothly. The proactive nature of this platform makes it to the top list of management software.

Price model-  $12/user/month for premium plan

Free trial – Free up to 10 members.

Cost- $144 Yearly

Compatible OS- Windows, macOS, and Android

Recommended for- Marketing companies

Best used for- Automate the workflows like mils and tasks.


  • Very smooth UI
  • Automative features

Potential downside

  • Not very advanced features

Website- Pipefy

7. Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is the perfect choice for organizations that have less budget as well as complexity. Moreover, this tool has separate folders for every important task. The interface is straightforward and dynamic for the employees as well as HR managers. Additionally, one can also shift the work to a folder “Done.”
Furthermore, Pivotal Tracker offers useful tools to analyze growth. These tools help your team to work consistently to provide better results.

Price model-  $12.50/month

Free trial – Free up to three collaborators.

Cost- $150 Yearly

Compatible OS- Windows, macOS, and Android

Recommended for- HR Companies and Marketing companies

Best used for- Complex projects as well as HR management


  • Growth analyzer
  • Separate tools for each task

Potential downside

  • Not very affordable

Website- Pivotal Tracker 

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